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Academic Year:

The acedemic session is divided is divided into three terms.

a) April to Agust

b) September to December

c) January to March

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I am very proud to announce that Indira Gandhi Public Residential School is one of the latest and newly started school located in Gamharia. It is an independent Public School under Management of a J. K. Education Socity (which is a registered trust. Regd. NO. 39/04. ). We ensure high educational standards and an international perspective using well research learning materials, technology and teaching methods. In our caring and supportive clearing enieroment, we enable and encourage students of divers backgrounds to discover and develop their intellectual, phical and creative potentil. We demonstrate our commitment to the allround development of the children through stimulating academic and co-curricular programs. We prepare student for their future, generating excitement for life long learning and orienting the students towards a solid technological foundation. The philosophy of the school can be stated simply as “We prepare students for an unpredictable future, not by teaching them for particular careers but by teaching them how to learn.”

It is with there thought I welcome the children to the school to endeavour themselves for better future. I convey my best wishes to all those who thinks and share our values of education.

Wishing you the best

Mrs. Shama Khanam